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The Boat Project comes to Brighton

The Boat Project - Brighton MarinaThe Boat Project - showing my contributionThe Boat Project book

The boat of The Boat Project, arrived in Brighton yesterday. I went down to Brighton Marina to take a look and managed to get to the boat before all the hoards of people. Luckily too, amongst the guitars and walking sticks, I easily recognised my contribution – a piece of driftwood from Crete that I’d notched to count down the days! (See my earlier blog post: The Boat Project) I later saw my photo in the book that accompanies the project, listed number 346. They put down everything I’d mumbled on the day of donating it, which makes my smile :)

2 thoughts on “The Boat Project comes to Brighton

  1. I loved seeing this on the News recently. I hadn’t really known about it until then but thought it a wonderful idea. I loved the fact that peoples memories and emotions were distilled in the boat with their donated pieces. I am really pleased that you had a piece in the project. I wonder how you found out about it to donate a piece? I don’t think it ever visited Plymouth. Your time in Crete will always be extra special now. Gillian

  2. Ohhhh WOW. Isn’t it AMAZING. What a piece of craftmanship and how exciting to be a part of this project ! Doesn’t it make you want to just go up and feel it and touch all the bits. Now I want to go sailing – kinda of am in a way soon but thru a desert rather than on water !

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