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She: an icon of return

Despair Icon
Sometimes it seems I’m juggling fragments. Sometimes my art is born not from joy but despair. This picture followed other pictures I created in anguish. Here She plays with a butterfly against a background of bits and pieces; fragments of letters to the Earth, the lyrics of The River of Despair, the torn pieces of life and the swimmers and dancers amongst them, branches of The Tree of Life like arteries from the heart.

The whole is a reflection of how I was feeling at the time. Following despair, She is an icon of return.

Peeling world within the frame,
in the sky a butterfly…
as a torn and urgent wing
tries to fly…

4 thoughts on “She: an icon of return

  1. Hi Alexi.. it was great to catch up yesterday. The Icon is beautifully arranged. I could also imagine it as a three D piece as well, with the inclusion of symbolic feelings (if that makes sense)I think the tree of life is important, especially the sybolism of it for renewal and hope. Have a great weekend and I hope that you see some interesting birdlife maybe a parakeet or two. Love G

  2. Perhaps we underestimate the periods of despair and low points we feel during our lives. If you think of the concept of Yin and Yang, how can we ever have the light, if we don’t embrace the darkness ? The light will always be brighter to those whose despair is a little darker ! Think of Van Gough and all those wonderful paintings that came from his despair and time in the assylum. I also think that those who experience despair are living a more REAL life to some degree, that it is actually the rest of the world that seems to move in a shallow and almost ” fake ” existence. And scarily I am not sure where I fit in this … I have never been able to grasp the concept of the devil as I feel that we all create our own heaven and hell here on earth ourselves, however it is very easy for me to embrace universal love and all our choices of how we respond to things…….hmmmmm.
    You are very brave and REAL to explore these emotions through your art Alexi, you are a REAL artist.

  3. What a beautiful piece of art, i really like it.

  4. Thank you Lindi.

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