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Nightjar Tea Towel/Wall Hanging

I’ve created a screen printed tea towel, using my Nightjar illustration as it’s one of my favourites.  I’m pleased with how it’s turned out. It’s 100% natural, unbleached cotton and makes a lovely addition to the kitchen.

Nightjar tea towel

Tea towels like this are quite ink heavy on the printed side, making that side less absorbant than the unprinted side.

Researching tea towels I discovered that they were originally used to keep tea pots warm in the 18th century, hence the name ‘tea’ towel. Tea towels are made of either linen or cotton, whereas dish cloths are traditionally made of terry cloth, which is a woven cloth with protruding loops that can absorb a lot of water.

Nightjar tea towel

Later on, by the 19th century, tea towels became more decorative, especially with embroidery, and were often given as gifts by ladies to ladies. In the early 20th century some people called tea towels glass towels, using them to dry and polish glass.

Nightjar tea towels

Tea towels can be used in all sorts of ways – for drying dishes, as a decorative wall hanging, a tray cover, bread cover, cheese wrap, place mat or napkin – whatever you like.

Nightjar Tea Towel is available in my website shop here. Other products with this nightjar image include a greetings card and notebook.

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