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Pathway Through the Wood

Walking Blind the Night of the CometPathway Through the WoodThis morning I thought about a pen and ink drawing I did years ago titled “Walking Blind the Night of the Comet”. It’s dated 14th April 1997 so the comet must have been Hale Bopp, the Great Comet of 1997. I’d been invited by a friend to go to Devil’s Dyke in the South downs to take photos at night. Fortunately the night was clear and we had good views. I have a photo of the comet somewhere as a faint smudge of light, but here is the drawing I did a few days later.

I’ve looked a lot at the work of Samuel Palmer one of my favourite artists. I love his sepia, moonlit scenes; like him I have put the moon in many pictures. I feel drawn to black and white drawings and photos, and enjoyed looking at the small sketchbooks of Julien Bell in a current exhibition at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery called Dreams of Here. The exhibition also features works by Tom Hammick and Andrzej Jackowski. I was interested in seeing Tom’s work as the flier read that he “uses landscape as his starting point, but a landscape shaped by memories and dreams”. I’m becoming increasingly drawn to landscapes both inner and outer and how they feature in art and literature. Tom Hammick’s work did not disappoint and I appreciated his dark scenes of trees, figures and obscure imagery as well as his vivid colours.

Feeling inspired by my old drawing, Samuel Palmer and the exhibition, I decided to visit some local woods in Brighton and look at trees and paths. I like paths. Paths are worn with stories. I took photos but my creative result is a pen and ink sketch from my imagination featuring a crescent moon once again! I’ve named it “Pathway Through the Wood“. The spindly trunks and coils of bramble stand out at the moment, late winter, hence the swirls in the foreground.

2 thoughts on “Pathway Through the Wood

  1. Hi Alexi….these pen and ink sketches are really intriguing, I love the mystery of them. I would so love to walk down one of these paths and be ‘ guided by the moon ” as I feel that I am still at such a crossroad right now. These images give me hope that my ” path ” is going to be revealed to me soon or that I might gain some insight into a path that maybe I am already standing on ? Oh my god.dess….. I LOVE Tom Hammick’s work. What an inspiration ! All those colours…..woohoo. It has inspired me. Thank you !

  2. Hallo! I really appreaciate that you published your pictures on internet. I have found them when I was searching for inspiration for my drawing for my blog But I love them so much, that I would be very glad and honored if you would agree with using them at my blog site. Would you be in? Of course I would write your name in the picture as an author! Mail me back, please. Have wonderful days! Aneta L.

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