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Cave of Dreams painting

Cave of DreamsI’ve done a new painting in a style that’s new for me. Kevin says it looks a bit ‘new agey’ and I can perhaps see what he means. It might be the subject matter or the colours, I’m not sure. I have been thinking about gathering birds, swallows in caves and starlings over the pier here in Brighton. They’re like twittering thoughts or memories in the loft of my mind; like a sixth sense telling me something is going to happen; there are dreams ‘waiting in the wings’.

The painting is not my favourite but it’s good to be back putting paint on canvas!

1 thought on “Cave of Dreams painting

  1. Well Alexi… I LOVE it ! I think you would sell this image easily on cards !!!!!
    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the colours and fish and birds resonate with lots of people.
    I also REALLY like your idea of ” gathering birds being like twittering thoughts or memories in the loft of your mind “. You remind me constantly not to be sooo rushed and maybe check out what is happening in the loft of MY mind ! You do have a gift with words……..

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