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New Year

Woman Moon BirdA quiet end to the year, a year of reflecting, writing and blogging. I stood on the balcony when the pips struck twelve and watched as hundreds of orange lanterns took to the skies. One floated quite close by from the garden next door to join the magical scene. And then fireworks on the horizon bursting forth above the silhouettes of roofs and chimneys. It was so mild compared to the recent snowy spell; I was just in a light long sleeved top.

The New Year has started well. We saw friends who took home some of my recent paintings and were curious about some of my early stuff. It was fun bringing out from storage, a large red painting that I haven’t seen or thought about for years. My last few paintings have been light or of vibrant colours but now I seem to want dark paint….and stories. Perhaps illustrative paintings. I want to continue with my Turtle Dreaming story and it would be good to finish it this year. The “Dreamcatcher Woman” in my last post was the start of painting on wood once again. It’s not a good painting but I like the depth and darkness, the hint of ocean about it. The song just came into my mind while I was scanning in the photo. Here is the next piece, “Woman, Moon, Bird” also on sanded scaffolding board.

I shall put up the end of year paintings soon if I can finally finish them. Meanwhile, wishing much happiness for the New Year ahead.

4 thoughts on “New Year

  1. a lovely piece
    I love finishing pieces, there is a wonderful feeling with completion (for me).
    Wishing you much happiness in our new year, as well.

  2. love your dark and blue period – suits the time of year – I’m into painting snow just now, can’t imagine why!

  3. Happy New Year to you too. Looking forward to seeing more of Turtle Dreaming……
    Have you used acrylics to paint on this scaffolding board ? I really like the way you have a slightly ” weathered ” feel with this image. Wish I could get some lessons from you ! I think you would be an amazing teacher actually.
    Your side view faces are soo beautiful. I find it hard to draw and paint side view noses !
    Hope it’s not too crazy weather wise where you are ! We are having lots of 30 plus days where I am. Am about to start painting some kookaburras soon and still experimenting with angels.
    Will send some more pics soon.

  4. What an inspiring blog. I love all the links to interesting things. I found it through Rachel’s facebook.

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