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Turtle Dreaming….a storm, a woman and a harp

Woman with harp, stars and storm

Waves, angry as hounds, crashed on the shore…

I’m progressing slowly with my “Turtle Dreaming” story. I’m trying to write and illustrate the story at the same time, but it’s still in the first draft stage, changes can happen any time. So far there’s a young woman, a harp, a storm, a turtle, a whispering moon and I’d love to include shipwrecks, smugglers and underwater “other worlds”, but I’ll have to see how it develops!

Click on images to see previous posts about the story.

Turtle in waves

Embracing the waves

Woman Walking steps

Turtle with girl thumbnail

3 thoughts on “Turtle Dreaming….a storm, a woman and a harp

  1. This is quite wonderful. It makes me want to know the story. Dreamy beautiful and full of magic. wishing you grace each step of the way!

  2. Ooooooooooooooooooh this image is certainly giving more depth, intrigue and meaning to the unfolding story. I am pre-ordering a copy of the book NOW !

  3. wowww!!!!These designs are very nice and I’m eagerly waiting for more of this story ..

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