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Roots to the Sky – Upside down tree

Roots to the skyI have been inspired by my visit to Seahenge to draw two pictures of the tree that links two worlds. Neither drawing quite captures what I wanted to convey, but I like the bright blues and the birds – free to fly wherever – in the colour version. I included a few figures of “souls” in the pen and ink drawing, small amongst the other-world branches, like dancers.

Roots to the Sky

The figures remind me of a project I discovered a while ago called “TreeSpiritProject”, by photographer Jack Gescheidt.

4 thoughts on “Roots to the Sky – Upside down tree

  1. I like the juxtapostion of the two styles, the detail in the pen and ink and the colour in the painting

  2. oh, these are so exquisite! i see night-time and moon in the black and white… the starry night swirls and waves and rooted dancing spirits… the colour one reminds me of a celebration of life… the confetti, colored ‘leaves’ and white soaring birds in roots / branches… i love turning them upside down, too! the galaxies of the b&w one in the roots… inspired… thank you for sharing your creations!

  3. Hi Alexi……wow the tree spirit project is amazing. What a clever photographer and beautiful photos. I love discovering your connections to other projects. It is always a treat visiting your blog- its like opening up a treasure box full of visual delights and interesting comments and observations ! I have been away for 2 weeks so was excited to see what you have been up to.
    I really like both your roots to the sky ( great title ) images. I think the black and white ink and pen one resonates a little more with me and I like the “dark” aspect to it.

  4. I love your organic swirling style. It’s very magical and charming.

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