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Midway Film

I have just seen a trailer for the film, “Midway” which has deeply moved me. It strikes a cord with me because it features albatrosses that remind me of the gulls on Havergate, but mainly because I feel terribly irresponsible at having contributed to the Mid-Atlantic gyre – my message in a bottle! I want to do what I can to promote this film and the issues it raises.

I read much about ecological and environmental problems and it all gets very depressing. Often I want to just switch off, it all seems so painful. The trailer to this film is about an environmental tragedy but it is both beautiful and poetic.

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  1. I think it’s great that you are promoting this on your blog Alexi. You are helping the ” message” get out there.I know what you mean about everything becoming overwhelming…….I felt the same when we came back from travelling around Australia. perhaps the key is to break it down to what’s happening in your own backyard and local environment. You can set examples for others, teach kids and connect to a patch of dirt/ river/lake etc and become responsible for that. We met an inspiring artist on our travels that was recording all the wildlife at a small Aboriginal community on the north coast of Western Australia through her artwork. She plans to make a book one day but it has become her life’s work and is the only record made of that area……..

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