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Marine dreaming

Water: Origin of Life by Diego Rivera

Marine DreamingA recent television programme, Timewatch: Atlantis: The Evidence has fired my imagination. A summary of the documentary is as follows:

‘Around 1620 BC, a gigantic volcano in the Aegean Sea stirred from its nineteen-thousand year slumber. The eruption tore the island of Thera apart, producing massive tsunamis that flooded the nearby island of Crete, the centre of Europe’s first great civilisation – the Minoans. This apocalyptic event, many experts now believe, led to the eventual downfall of the Minoans, and provided the inspiration for Plato when he later wrote about the people of a mighty island, Atlantis, which sank beneath the waves and was lost forever, ‘in a single day and a night of misfortune’.

Minoan ceramic jar after Thera explosion

I’m once again back into drawing. I wanted the woman in my picture to be “awash in a pearly dream” of sea creatures – just like the sea creatures on the Minoan ceramics after the Thera explosion that caused a tsunami to reach the shores of Crete. I thought I could perhaps use the idea in my Turtle Dreaming story.

I have been inspired by other art namely Diego Rivera’s Water: Origin of Life mural, my favourite mural that sadly no longer exists as it was painted in Mexico City’s water system and has now been washed away. The theme was homage to the life-creating power of water. I like the hands, the myriad of protoplasmic life forms, the crabs, lobsters, representations to people and god-like figures and the cross-section nature of it.

And recently, I have dreamt of boats leaving their moorings and the arms of the harbour, setting out to sea on voyages into the unknown. It is good to feel as though I’m once again going somewhere :)

5 thoughts on “Marine dreaming

  1. I love that we watch the same things! Beautiful woman is assuredly awash in a pearly dream

  2. yes, indeed… going somewhere through your creative expressions of your soul… thank you for sharing your dreams and your imaginal realm…

  3. PERRRRRRRRRRFECT idea of including that image in Turtle Dreaming. Love the top pic in your blog posting – is there a link to look at it more closely ?

  4. Thank you for your comments. If you click on the Water:Origin of Life picture, go to the Diego Rivera website and then click on the picture there, it’ll take you to a larger version.

  5. thanks Alexi. It is a wonderful mural. I think it is really clever the way the paintings “wrap” around where you walk into the space. It makes me want to grab a brush and paint all the walls in my house ! I have books on Frida Kahlo but have not spent much time checking out Diego’s work. again, yet another adventure from visiting your blog !

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