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Christmas wishes

Deer in snow

I really wanted to get a post out before Christmas and I’ve just managed to finish a drawing today, Christmas Day, pausing now and then to prepare the nutroast.

I would love to wish all my visitors and followers a very Happy Christmas!

3 thoughts on “Christmas wishes

  1. such a lovely Christmas and wintry piece!

  2. Hi Alexi …… I LOVVVVVVVE this painting. It makes me wish to experience a winter christmas….also I love deers. Reminds me of the huntress goddess Diana !
    This looks like it could be part of a picture story book or a great Christmas card.

  3. Dear Alexi, I googled dear in snow and this came up. It’s a beautiful picture! I was hoping that, with your permission, I could include it in a Christmas post I’m uploading to my blog. I will of course credit you fully and include this site url :) thank you, Seán Ferrick

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