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Polina Semionova and newspaper dancers

Newspaper dancer 3Newspaper dancer 1Newspaper dancer 2

I believe, sometimes, that the ultimate is to dance.

I didn’t realise I liked ballet so much until I stumbled upon a youtube video of Polina Semionova dancing when I was looking randomly for dance videos. It entranced me so much I had to keep playing it over and over again. I’ve been a fan of Sylvie Guillem and seen Carlos Acosta, but I’m not normally a fan of traditional ballet – it seems so unnatural to be up on pointe. I’ve changed my mind now, I’m a fan, so I’m posting this youtube video and have used it to make some sketches that I did on old newspaper. I like the texture created by the newsprint and the way that it looks transitory and transparent. But I know I haven’t done Polina justice!

1 thought on “Polina Semionova and newspaper dancers

  1. Hi Alexi

    Wow – I am completely knocked out by your post, the paintings reflect the light in the movement and the emotion so well, I love the newspaper!
    I had always rather disliked ballet -you know, being brought up with Swan Lake and the like but, this is beautiful, polished, humourous and simply stunning. So much so that I’m afraid I’ve gone and shared your post on my facebook profile – oops, should have asked you first but…. I hope you don’t mind but let me know – I’ll remove it.
    But that leads me to ask whether you would consider me posting it to The Celtic Year blog – I’d love you to do a guest blog! Maybe just add a few words of introduction?

    What do you think?
    Fingers crossed and on pointe


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