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Chelon labrosus

chelon  labrosusHere is Chelon labrosus, my thick lipped grey mullet painting.

Thick lipped, migratory, prising off mussels on its benthic trawl….washed in with waves, harbour close…

I had a sudden surge of creativity yesterday evening. I’d been meaning to get down to doing this painting for a while and decided that I really wanted to paint in oils. When I searched my oil paint bag, I realised I was out of white paint. I just couldn’t wait to buy some so out came the acrylics and I slapped them on a canvas mixing the paint with a bit of builders’ scrim. It was most satisfying, but I know the result is a bit of a mess.

4 thoughts on “Chelon labrosus

  1. lovely textures and colours – I love painting with what comes to hand, slapping the paint on is so…..releasing. Liking thick lipped mullets!

  2. hi Alexi – just visited your blog for the first time and totally love it. There’s so much magic and mystery in your work! Louise xx

  3. I can see how the painting looks like the photograph…it’s like you’ve taken the idea of the fish and expanded it to be something more.

  4. I like the textures…this seems to sparkle like the sea…

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