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I’ve really wanted to dip once again into the creative river. To start with, I’ve returned to the colour blue and have painted a few new icon-inspired artworks on wood – old scaffolding board – and canvas that are similar to my Blue Goddess.

I’ve put these together with a few older paintings, photos and film clips and some images I love off the web – like Chagall’s blue paintings – and made them into a little video I’ve called “Blue”. It’s my first attempt at making this sort of video using moviemaker and it’s a bit clumsy but – hey! – it’s a start :)

3 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Blue! wonderful images and theme, felt very peaceful listening to the water.

  2. How lovely………your wonderful paintings, and the flow of images. Your work does remind me a bit of Chagall, one of my favorite artists.

    I was in Glastonbury this past summer, attending the Goddess Conference there. The theme was “The Great Mother of Waters”. If you weren’t there, I think you would have enjoyed it very much – there are videos of the ritual you can view on UTube.


  3. This is soooo coool. What star sign are you ? You are not a Cancerian by any chance ???????????????
    This would be such an experience on a big screen in an exhibition with the sounds and then to walk around and see the actual original artwork………………………………..

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