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Turtle Dreaming drawings2

Turtle with Girl

I’ve been pondering some more on my ‘Turtle Dreaming’ story and have come up with another illustration. I’m still not sure how the story is going to develop, but I hope it will come to me.

To see other illustrations for the story, click on these pictures:
Embracing the wavesTurtle in waves

4 thoughts on “Turtle Dreaming drawings2

  1. beautiful colours and spiral waves

  2. Oh my goodness Alexi- this is soooooooooooooo beautiful. I want to be that girl riding on the turtle. Have I told you yet that I have a small turtle tattoo on my back ? Your illustrations make me miss the ocean. I have a deep connection to the sea but we live in an alpine area in a small country town, the beach is at least 5 hours away. I am very impatient to her the story attached with these wonderful illustrations. Have you thought about selling them as prints or cards ?

    Thank you for your artwork. It’s made my day looking at this image this morning !


  3. Hey miss! Your work is great and so is this blog! claire x

  4. I love it! I’m looking forward to seeing how the book evolves.

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