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Gazing at the moon again…

I’ve a fascination for wood at the moment. I’ve been photographing trees and gathering wood to paint which is now drying in my kitchen. I found a log and a flat piece with knots like flattened souls staring out at me on my allotment. The odd woodlouse finds itself lost on a desert of lino, but I think I’ve shaken most of the wildlife out. While I wait for them to dry, I’m turning to some illustration. Today I’ve finished two pictures, both feature trees and the moon as usual. This one has a girl transfixed by a full moon beside a wood full of eyes.
Girl and the moon

4 thoughts on “Gazing at the moon again…

  1. I just discovered your blog and I love your work! So mysterious and ethereal. Lovely.

  2. So lovely to have found you and your wonderful art. I love the feeling and details of this piece.

  3. In “Gazing at the Moon Again” you have enveloped the childhood
    emotions of mystery and wonder that I felt as a child when La Luna was alight in the sky.Thank you for your fine work. If I may, I will use this to illustrate a link about the our county’s decision to not return to the moon.

  4. i love it..just like my vivid dreams every night. Being creepy and weird, it was all ordinary for me. thanks a lot. your art works are so amazing. brilliant! I also draw my dreams and thoughts especially if I cant put into words and no body will understand it. =)

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