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Angel altered book

I’ve turned once again to my altered book. I was listening to the duet Panis Angelicus by Cesar Franck, which is one of my favourite pieces of music. It was one of my mother’s too. I remember her when I listen to it and it means “Bread of Angels” in latin.

Ephesus faceAngel statueI kept thinking of flying swans so I decided to give my book wings. They looked like stone angel’s wings before their wash of blue, so I found some photos of angel statues I took a while ago in a cemetery and a haunting, “gasping”-faced statue I took at Ephesus in Turkey which I particularly like. I printed out copies and stuck them in along with some latin lyric scraps of Panis Angelicus. I tore up a page of notes that I’d made for my “about me” page (that I’ll put up soon) and stuck the pieces on to the wings. I intend to do more with shreddings, scribblings, fragments, messages and murmurings in other projects.

Angel altered bookHere is my stone angel swan carrying the night on its back.

7 thoughts on “Angel altered book

  1. Beautiful stunning work, Alexi! Please view my facebook page called Izibini Life to see what we are in the process of creating.

    Love and Light

    South Africa

  2. these wings are wonderful!

  3. Alexi this is so beautiful! R x

  4. I am a grad student working on a report about how librarians can use books they are going to discard from the library (i.e. donate them to artists and art classes for altered books). Could I use this image within my report? Thank you.

  5. “Angel altered book | Reflections” was a splendid posting, can’t help but wait to read alot more of your posts.
    Time to waste several time online lolz. Thanks for your time

  6. Very neat may I ask where you got the wing pattern I really love it

    1. Hello Chell,

      Thank you for your comment. The wing pattern is created by randomly sticking on torn up pieces of paper with writing on it. I then coloured the edges of the wings with blue and black pencil. I too like the mottled effect. :) x Alexi

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