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River Goddess Booklets

I’m returning to my River Goddess long term project. I would like to explore it in all sorts of media -more paining, photography, video, words, movement. Yesterday I was playing with some of my images in photoshop and had the idea of making booklets to either print or make as rough artworks in themselves. Instead of buying A5 sketchbooks or making them from scratch, I’ve decided to use some A5 brochures I found and remake them into artbooks.

Here are some sample pages:

River Goddess Colour Booklet 1

River Goddess Colour Booklet 2

River Goddess Colour Booklet 3

River Goddess Colour Booklet 4

I’ve come up with some interesting images I thought I could make into cards as well:

River Goddess Coventina

River Goddess Hatmehit

River Goddess Book Anahita

River Goddess Book Flora

2 thoughts on “River Goddess Booklets

  1. Love your Goddess booklets! And those paintings you selected to become cards are awesome. They have a wood carving feel to them (even though the theme is water); gorgeous colors and images.

  2. Love, Love, Love all of these images. Really good idea to make a booklet. If you made cards I would definitely want to order one of each !!!!!!!!!! I particularly love the last image…….she REALLy speaks to me and looks like she is from a rainforest. I am not surprised at all that you have had success selling the paintings on the recycled wooden boards. You are such a clever artist Alexi !

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