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Making an Altered Book

I thought I’d document the process of making an altered book – my way!

Below is a slider showing the process of making The Edge of the Wood altered book. Click on the dots or arrows to move between slides.

Making an Altered BookSecond Hand BookToolsOpened book with PaperImage 3 Showing Paper Stuck inImage 4 Pencil SketchImage 5 Start of the Drawing in Pen.Drawing UnderwayBoard Beneath DrawingCutaway PagesShowing Cutaway PageCutting a Page.Finished Altered BookDetail of Altered Book

The Edge of the Wood and Deer in the Forest below will soon be on display in Avocet Gallery in Rye.

Deer in the Forest Altered Book
Deer in the Forest altered book

5 thoughts on “Making an Altered Book

  1. I love your book. Could you tell me if you glue pages together?

  2. Hi Cynthia,

    I’m glad you like my book :)

    I haven’t glued pages together in books like the one above, I only glue in the sheets of cartridge paper to do the drawings on. However I have altered smaller books – such as my sleeping badger book as in this blog post: ( in which I did glue pages together as it was a simpler book. x

  3. Very beautiful and inspirational. How thick is the paper you use. I imagine it’s fairly thick but obviously not cardstock?

    1. Hi Sergio, thank you very much. I use 140gsm cartridge paper which I stick into the book. It makes it strong but not like cardstock. :)

  4. Amazing! This has got to be the most unique, mesmerizing and all around simply stunning art I have seen in a very long time. Not to mention probably the most beautiful, useful way to repurpose books.Thank you for sharing your amazing talent! Just in awe. ..

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